A collaboration between Youth Opportunities Unlimited and Western Heads East


Youth Opportunities Unlimited (YOU) is a non-profit organization helping youth in London and Middlesex county to reach their full potential


Western Heads East is a non-profit organization promoting health and sustainable development through probiotic foods in East Africa and London Ontario


Mistyglen values are to own and operate not just a dairy farm but being good stewards of the land alongside building relationships with local businesses



Fiti Yoghurt


Our collaboration aims to introduce probiotic yogurt into the London market in an effort to bring similar benefits to London's vulnerable population as those experienced in Tanzanian and Rwandan communities. Since its establishment in July 2002, Western Heads East has touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in Canada and abroad. As of 2016, Western Heads East and Youth Opportunities Unlimited have formed a partnership to provide Fiti yogurt to vulnerable Londoners (youth shelters, youth centers, meals on wheels, housing organizations).

As part of its expansion into the local London community, Western Heads East has developed partnerships with Mistyglen Creamery, Fanshawe College, and YOU to produce Fiti sachets in London and to create probiotic yogurt for local distribution.

Our impacts

Reaching Vulnerable Population

YOU makes Fiti available to vulnerable populations it serves such as seniors and youth who are served through YOU Made it Café’s daily meals and catering

    Youth Empowerment

    YOU currently operates youth employment skills training social enterprises, one of which is the YOU Made it Café. These give youth the place to build confidence and independence

      Public health education

      The Western Heads East program will engage Western students, faculty, and staff along with youth social enterprise participants and YOU staff in the retail sales and marketing of the Fiti probiotic yogurt and public health education in London

        Consuming 125g of Fiti can produce the following results:

          • Building immune response
          • Reducing respiratory illness
          • Improving reproductive organs
          • Removing toxin from your body
          • Improving general health and nutrition

        When you buy a YOUgurt product, you are nourishing your body and your community

        Fiti is available at:

        YOU Made it Cafe

        YOU currently operates youth employment skills training social enterprises, one of which is the YOU Made It Café.

        Need Support or have any questions about Fiti yogurt? Contact us!