YOU Showroom - Cabinetry, Millwork & Custom Projects


The new YOU Showroom is a haven for those who appreciate craftsmanship and community impact. Step into a world where our finely crafted cabinets stand proudly, showcasing timeless design and durability meant to grace your home for generations.

Designed and constructed by the skilled hands of local youth under the guidance of experienced mentors, each cabinet tells a story of empowerment and growth. 

At our showroom, we invite you to touch, feel, and visualize how these cabinets can transform your space, all while knowing that your choice supports our mission to shape brighter futures for our local youth.

Visit us at 3334 White Oak Road, London ON.
Open 8am-2pm Monday-Friday or by appointment
Call 519-432-1112 ext. 401 to book
or email